As a person, its important to have goals. Something to strive for and hope to achieve. Goals that allow you to see how the future can be and that act as a benchmark for your daily behaviour and decisions.

Without goals we can be a bit aimless, achievement may happen occasionally by accident, but not in a continued and measurable way. Goals offer us a check point – to ask ourselves – is what I am doing, saying, thinking – in line with my goal? And in that way we can be the masters of our fate and we can make sure our thoughts, actions and behaviours are in line with what we are aiming for.

Its no different for a business. At Satin Candy we have set many goals over the past nine years. They include staffing goals, financial goals, branch goals and sales goals – to name a few.

But our company is driven by one very specific higher goal. Our vision, if you like. Satin Candy strives to offer you, our customer, so much more than high quality products. We feel, because of that vision, we, and you, are the better for it! Heres the skinny…

When I started this company there were many things I wanted to achieve – some financial, some personal – but mostly I wanted to get a premium product in the hands of (or rather on the chests of ) every woman – and make women feel uplifted and uniquely special. I wanted to show women that through a medium such as underwear, so many great changes can happen.

Bigger breasts don’t have to be your daily nightmare. They can be your constant ally. A lady tummy isn’t a disaster, its a beautiful part of life. Tiny breasts are just as gorgeous as giant ones… and pain or embarrassment as a result of bras and body parts – is not a necessity! Its an outright travesty!

I wanted women to feel that beauty is not just in your eyes, your gorgeous butt or your sexy lady bits – but that its inside of you – yes corny, but true. Beauty is a feeling, a sense, an energy. Big, small, fat, thin, white, black, frizzy hair, no hair – every single one of us can feel the beauty thats there already and I saw Satin Candy as my soap box for this cause and the vehicle to get the message to you.

Its a great thing to know what you want to achieve, because it can then direct your every action. We at Satin Candy think about this goal daily – in our marketing, our customer service, our campaigns, sales, staff, stores and mostly in the experience we offer to you. Every decision we make is made from this vantage point. Is this in line with my ultimate goal?

We like to think we get it right for the most part. We want you to know that we strive to make sure that every woman who crosses our path knows she is beautiful and knows we see how AWE – some she is! Please come and visit us, and make yourself at home, and lets work together to make sure that YOU see the beauty thats already there!

We would love to hear your feedback – email us, inbox us on facebook – let us know what you think about the topic, and how we can better serve you. After all, you are what makes Satin Candy great! Please join our newly created BODY POSITIVE 2018 facebook group, so we can share our stories and ideas together!