Face it, when you have breasts, gravity is not your friend. Whether we like it or not, breasts start sagging – and not just when we start getting older. Other factors like genetics, weight gain and loss, and pregnancy and breastfeeding can all cause ‘our girls’ to start navigating in a downward direction. Even vigorous sports activity and smoking can weaken the ligaments around breast tissue and cause the skin to lose elasticity.

Thank goodness for bras!

Bras can provide the support you need and give you the silhouette you want. Wearing the right bra can even prevent future stretching and sagging. Unfortunately, not all bras are equal. If you are wearing the wrong bra, or a bra that does not fit correctly, it can be extremely uncomfortable and make your silhouette look worse instead of improving it. So how do you know which bra is best for saggy breasts? Here are some tips for choosing the right bra,  as well as some of our top picks.

  • Try to choose a bra with three or more hooks for extra strength, especially if you have a heavy bust. And if you do, you should also go for a bra with a thicker, non-elastic strap for a firmer hold.
  • Choose bras with underwire for increased support.
  • Avoid plunge/cleavage bras as this will emphasise the problem – a bra with fuller cover is best suited to sagging breasts.

Here are our top picks for bras that keep sagging breasts comfortable and looking beautiful.

Lemax T-Shirt Bra

One of the most comfortable t-shirt bras, the Lemax fits snuggly and securely

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Luisse Bra

Beautiful and feminine, the Luisse bra is a comfortable choice that provides excellent coverage for your breasts.

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Elomi Bra

Available in black, nude and pearl, the full cover Elomi bra keeps everything in place.

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