OUR FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Online Ordering Questions

When will my order be dispatched?

Your order will only be dispatched once payment is reflecting in our bank account.

Can I return an item?

Please note that due to the nature of lingerie; our returns, exchanges and refunds policy are quite strict. You can read our policy here.

Can I exchange an item if the fit isn't right?

A fee of R50 will be levied on all exchanges. We will arrange for the collection and dispatch thereof, provided they are in the same condition that they were received in. Should you wish to exchange any items purchased, please email sandra@satincandy.co.za for assistance.

Fit Related Questions

Why do straps slip off your shoulders?

The 2 most common reasons for straps falling off your shoulders are 1. The Back band is loose and the entire bra is shifting/sitting incorrectly i.e. the back band is so loose it rides up your back causing the shoulder straps to loosen.

My breasts are bulging out of the top or sides

If your cup runneth over it is time for a new bra, there is no other way to fix it. Your boobs should be completely encased in the cup of the bra. Double boobing means the cup is just too small, so maybe things have changed in the boob department.

There is wrinkling all over the cup, particularly at the top and sides - what is wrong?

This is a case of the cup being too big, your boobs should be completely encased in the cup creating a smooth silhouette. You may have gone down a cup size, have yourself remeasured at your favourite bra shop?

My bra rides up my back or is not at the same level all the way around my body. Or the bra moves as you move around?

Your bra band needs to be quite snug, a fitted bra means that your back band supports the weight of your boobs instead of your shoulders. The 80/20 rule. 80% support from your back band and only 20% being supported by your shoulder straps. If you get this right you fix so many things, back pain and shoulder pain (from a loose bra) as well as improved posture.

Why would wires stick out at the front or dig in under your arms?

It could be that the wire/ cup size is too small. Your underwire should sit flush against your chest bone, neither digging in or poking out. your breast should be fully encased in the cup. For a more accurate demonstration of how a bra should fit pop into one of our stores?

My straps dig into my shoulders

This is our favourite question to answer. The back is too probably too big or you’ve tightened the straps too much as a means of lifting your boobs. This is not how a bra works. You should have a fitted back band that should be supporting 80% of your breast weight. Think of your bra as a scale, if the back band goes up, your boobs pull down in the front. However if you pull your back band level or lower on your back then your boobs lift in the front.