Stephanie Cornelius

This is not a complaint (NEVER a complaint), I just want to say thank you for the amazing service you are providing for people like myself who have the “weird” sizes! My budget sucks at the moment, but, I know as soon as I have spare cash, I’m going to hightail it to Kloof and spend, spend, spend ? I love your bras, so many different shapes and colours. Walking into your store is like walking into a fine boudoir with such an amazing vibe and amazing people! I have only 3 Satin Candy bras (blasted budgets…) but, I am so over the Moon with them! They get used in rotation, while the other 2 are washed and drying, I use the other 1 and then it goes from there ? I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t heard about your store. I was in a bad place, and my self-image was at it’s worst, but, the lift (yeah, that pun was sort of intended lol) your bras gave me, was exactly what I needed. OK, so I have become a bit wordy, but I just really wanted you to understand what you do there. You are not a place where you spend money, you are a place where you make people’s lives better! (while spending money lol)