Mellisa Reddy

Hi Sandra,
Where to start…I first found Satin candy a few years back on google, as I was tired of not finding my cup size (34G) in retail stores. Since then I haven’t looked back!
I walked in to your store (a bit skeptical, because of previous measurement experiences), and found a comfort zone, where the ladies in store helped me feel less self-conscious and beautiful in my body. What an amazing experience. I’m so proud and excited that the store has moved to a bigger floor space, and glad to know that ‘support’ is at hand on the interesting blog and facebook pages that are up. Well…I’m now preparing for my big day (01-02-2014) and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will come in to be fitted and styled in store at Satin Candy. After all, what could make one of the biggest days of my life better, than feeling sexy and putting my best bust forward =D
Thank you for your dedicated work in helping us bigger busted women feel delicate too.