Take The Lead Cupid

Yes its great to be spoilt on Valentines. 
We know you’ve raised the children single handedly, kept the house looking like a show home from the cover of Elle magazine, cook dinners Gordon Ramsay would approve of and have a career thats as important as his. We know it took a lot of time up in the gym sweating and crying to look that good. We know you deserve a treat. A night out. A day that says – hey, you’re special and I get how great you are.
But… and just consider it…wouldn’t it be great to show him how its done. Invest in this Valentines, appeal to his competitive hunter nature and set the bar really, really, really high for next year.
My husband and I alternate being the Valentines day Chairman, and its a win-win. When its my year to plan, organise and pay, he thinks he is being spoilt rotten and has an admirable progressive wife. He can brag to his mates about how he didn’t spend a cent, got wined and dinned, blindfolded.. and well.. you know the rest. 
He can look at me and think I am giving and forward thinking. And best of all. He’s wrong. And Im right. As usual. Obviously. 
From my point of view, yes its great to show him I love him, and to be able to lavish him with all the simple things a man needs and wants. But, and this is the kicker, what I achieve long term is so much more rewarding. When I am Captain Valentine, I pull out all the stops, no money is spared, no gift is too large, no dessert request too naughty. 
All year long that plays on his mind, a little nagging voice (not mine for a change) that tells him he he cant be outdone! No! Not him, the hunter, the leader of the pack, the man with the bragging rights. He must do better. And, to my delight he does. Time and time again. 
It might all sound quite underhand, but its not really. Its a wonderful ebb and flow that plays to our strengths and weaknesses as women and men. It ties up beautifully with the idea that you need to be the change you want to see in the world, and that if you want your relationship to improve you need to start giving more of the things you want, instead of nagging about the things you don’t want. 
Thats what I tell myself anyway, when Im opening my brand new Satin Candy matching set with accompanying satin night gown and signature fragrance, while lying in a hot tub full of roses and being fed grapes by Adonis himself…ok, so I made that last bit up. But you get the gist.
I’d suggest you suggest to your man that he deserves the treat this Valentines. That he’s worked hard and you can take the lead this year.