Hello Beautiful ladies! Here are some tips to become, and stay body positive this year.

In no particular order, with no particular emphasis on any one point… except perhaps the last one.


Start appreciating beauty in others

To see beauty in yourself, start by seeing it in others. Do your best to hold off judgement and always focus on a person’s positive traits. Before long, this mindset will transfer to you. If you find yourself sneaking a peak at the girl with the crazy sixties hair – try looking down at her awesome shoes instead. Everyone will feel a little better.

Stay away from criticism and negativity

Much like the point before, this writer believes, we aren’t so much what we eat, as we are what we think. Thinking negatively and critically – about yourself or others, makes you feel negative, critical and angry. Avoid it. You are better than that. You are going to think anyway – make it a happy one!

Love the mirror

Yes, you heard me! Start loving that mirror! When we as women look in the mirror our first instinct is to start nit picking about all the little bits, bumps and lumps that are not just quite right… STOP! Practice loving that mirror. Every opportunity you get, find one, stare at it, and find all the tiny (and large) things that you can love. You’re going to feel something about yourself anyway – why not fall in love.

Ignore the media

I just don’t even know where to start with this one. We are bombarded with images of what a beautiful women should look like, every day, everywhere. On TV, billboards, magazines, clothing stores, lifestyle brands – its impossible for that not to take its toll if you expect yourself to match up. From the perfect sheen of her hair, to her oh so pouty lips, her impressive cleavage and minute waistline. Ladies – realistically – even the models themselves don’t look like this. Photoshop, lighting and twenty personal assistants go a long way. Just don’t look at it. Don’t think about it. Don’t pay it any heed.

Show your body some loving

Every women knows after a long day of working on your career, your abs, your family, your home… we forget about ourselves. We put on our softest sweatshirt and fall on the couch for our half an hour of relaxation time before bed. Make sure to work some pamper time into your routine. Do your nails, use a face mask, go for a pedi, a wax, a massage. Whatever makes you feel like you are loving your body. Make it happen and include it in your schedule. Its well worth making the time.

Heath and wellness

Its tough making fitness and weight loss resolutions, and sticking to them. Immediately you have started with a level of self judgment, and then usually the goal is fuelled by the criticisms and judgment you put on yourself to reach and exceed – sometimes crazy goals – in sometimes crazy time frames. Ive been there! What I’ve learnt, is to make goals based on health and wellness – not weight and appearance. Eat well, because your body deserves the nourishment. Exercise because you want to make sure you stay fit and healthy. The rest is a side line bonus.


When you feel good, celebrate! Make those days count! When you wake up feeling like you magically transformed into Marilyn Monroe overnight – work it! Celebrate yourself at every opportunity! It will bring you such joy – enough said.

Get a dog

If all else fails, and you just cant get yourself to try any of these tips, if your derrière is bringing you down and you cant find a way past that feeling. Get a dog. A dog will love you, fat, thin, naked, clothed, good hair day, bad hair day. Who knows, perhaps one day he will even inspire you to take him for a walk…or a run.

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