What you Learn When a Bra Really Fits

The moment you find a bra that fits just right, a world of comfort opens up to you. Here are some lessons you learn when you first experience a perfect fit:

  1. It’s not okay to be uncomfortable – You may not have realised just how uncomfortable you were before finding a bra that fits well. And now that you have, you realise that there was no need to have suffered so much.
  2. A great bra can make you more attractive Having a bra that supports and suits you feels great, looks great and can boost your confidence. Did you know that confidence is attractive? It is!
  3. Bra sizes change – Because bra sizes change, it is important to get fitted regularly. So even if you had a fitting a few years ago, you may feel a lot more comfortable after a new fitting and a new bra.
  4. Your boobs can look amazing – When you take a good look at yourself in the mirror, you will see that your boobs look better than ever before when you are wearing a bra that fits well. You may even start getting compliments!
  5. What kind of support you need – Whether your boobs are big or small, you need some kind of support. If you don’t have the right support you will feel uncomfortable and something may even look wrong. Finding the right bra will mean that you found the right support as well.
  6. How your silhouette can be improved – When your measurements are correct, you will have a new and improved silhouette instantly!
  7. You’ll finally know why people love fittings so much – If you’ve ever wondered why people go on about bra fittings, you will now know exactly why.

Don’t forget

If you already have a bra that fits you perfectly, you will be familiar with these lessons. You will also know how great it feels to get another perfectly fitted bra. Pick one from our stunning range.