Bra Shopping Rule #1: Don’t Buy it Before You Try it

Feel fabulous with a professional bra fitting

The right bra can boost your confidence and transform your day. It can craft cleavage and improve your overall shape. On the other hand, wearing the wrong bra can not only leave you feeling uncomfortable, but also feeling like you are not looking your best. We all have those days, but why not try to avoid it? To ensure an excellent fit, make sure you buy the right size and style and try it on before you buy.

How do you know if you need a fitting? Just like other items of clothing, no two bras have the same fit, even if they are the same size. Although trying on bras can be tedious, it is crucial that you try your bra on before you buy it. Your bra size may have changed, or you may love the bra but not how it fits you. If you don’t, you could waste time if you need to return it, and start the shopping process all over. To make things easier for you, why not get a professional bra fitting? Believe it or not, you probably need it!

This is how you know if you do:

  • Your straps keep falling down and it doesn’t help if you adjust them. This means you may need to go down a band size.
  • You are wearing your bra on its last hook. Bras should feel most comfortable on the middle hook.
  • Your band rides up in the back. If your band does not fit horizontally across your back, your bra is probably too big.
  • You have spillover over the top, bottom or sides of your bra cup. This usually means you need to go up a size or two.
  • Your shoulders have dents on. It doesn’t matter how heavy your breasts are, if you have dents in your shoulders you are not getting the necessary support from your bra.
  • Your bra cups are baggy or wrinkly. While this usually means you need to go down a size, get a fitting to make sure select the correct size.
  • Your neck or back hurts. If your bra is not the correct size you will not get the right support and this could lead to body pain.
  • The middle piece between the cups is lifting off your chest. This clearly shows that your cup size is too small.
  • The dreaded back bulge. This is probably not what is often called ‘back fat’ and more likely your bra band that is too tight and squeezing your skin.
  • The underwire in your bra is poking you. Believe it or not, underwire is not meant to be uncomfortable. If it is poking you, your cup size is probably too small.

Come visit Satin Candy for a professional bra fitting. We would love to help you find the perfect fit.