Why should you shop at Satin Candy?

Satin Candy offers a tranquil, private garden setting with discreet personal service. If you are struggling to find bras in large or small cup sizes, look no further – A-M cups we carry them all.

Many women have told me of their bra shopping experience where they go into a department store looking for bras. They are not exactly sure what size they are and they don’t know what style of bra suits them.

So they try a couple of bras on. The underwire sticks into them and they are not sure why. The back rides up and they can’t figure out why. The double boob scenario where you bulge out the top of your bra is the worst. Then they have to get dressed again and go back into the shop to look for other bras. Eventually they pack it in and leave the store frustrated.

Here at Satin Candy, we will help you choose from our gorgeous range of bras that not only suit you but that are supportive and comfortable to wear.

Many woman want to know their bra size. That’s a difficult one because, like a pair of jeans, its difficult to say I’m a size 34 jeans. It depends on the make, style, cut etc. Your size can vary. Exactly the same applies with a bra. So you can buy 3 bras and have 3 different sizes but we at Satin Candy will aim to get the fit correct every single time. We hope to make shopping with us a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

“Satin Candy has literally changed my life. I have never felt so fabulous about my boobs as I do now and I will NEVER buy bras from anywhere else. ” – a Satin Candy devotee

“thank you for giving me such a good experience. You ladies are very good at what you do, i feel so good in my clothing - being able to wear what i could not wear before. I am so glad that you have this service which make woman feel so good about themselves.” – Oreal